Eventide: A Novel

Eventide follows a proud Anglo-Irish angel of death, Seamus, with an overfond feeling for humanity. As a specialist in and a staunch supporter of the craft of killing (which he likens to storytelling), Sea is summoned to dispatch a young girl named Maren, who is scheduled to drown on the Long Island coast. Instead, he is so startled by her mystical awareness that he unintentionally saves the life he was meant to finish.

Then, deliberately turning his back on a centuries-old calling and playing a role he was not made for—that of protector and guardian—he suffers with the girl, as she comes of age, all the desperation of a life running on borrowed time. Even with Sea’s support, she faces a wobbly survival, as it seems like heaven and earth come against their venture to exist together. (It cannot help either that Maren courts death at every turn.)

This story explores Sea’s relationship with a Creator, whom he gravely misjudges, in light of a temporal obsession with a self-destructing young woman, who sees more than she ought to and yet cannot see the truth about herself and the angel attending her.


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