The Highlands Tunnel

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Harrison Bentley, from the small village of Grant, is in the midst of an identity crisis. Unexpectedly finding himself, his little brother, and a girl from school in trouble, he rides the train into a supernatural realm to escape. In The Highlands, Harrison meets the Ransom, the hero of all stories, and discovers who he is and his part to play in the larger plot.

The Highlands Tunnel is as much a spiritual allegory as a fantasy piece, inspired by the works of C. S. Lewis & John Eldredge, & Wm. P. Young’s novel The Shack.

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2 thoughts on “The Highlands Tunnel

  1. Wilma Lee says:

    Allan and I both are enjoying THE HIGHLANDS TUNNEL……….
    When I am out ON THE ROAD AGAIN as my Sons say, Then he is in the book.
    Then me when I get back~~~

    Keep up the good work and you are doing the best………AVON IS ON THE MAP AGAIN.

    Wilma Lee

    • darapowersparker says:

      I’m so happy you’re reading! Thank you for all your support — and the frequent sweeties in the mailbox 🙂 . It keeps me writing.

      I’m not an Avon original, but I’m proud to be here now!

      All my love,

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